Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Demos With Donna Volume V - More Bang For Your Buck

Over the past year we have been working together with Donna Clarke, a teacher of English as a second language for more than 16 years, including the last 7 with CIES. Throughout the year she has invited us, and all of you, into her Pre-literacy and CLB Level 1/2 classroom and shared her experiences, thoughts and ideas about not only teaching and learning English as a second language, but on an immigrants journey through integration into Canadian culture and our home, the City of Calgary.

When CIES first opened up its Communication and Media Department last year, it was new for all concerned but Donna was the first to jump into the the mix. In doing so, she helped CIES share stories of the work we do, but more importantly about immigration and the adaptation to life here in our great city and beyond. We would like to extend our gratitude for her contribution to this long term project, as it simply would not have happened without her. With that, please find below our last Demos with Donna, an off campus assignment in the form of a trip to Value Village. A special thanks to the Value Village on 3405 34 St NE for being a long time collaborator with these field trips and for allowing us to film on location. And watch out for our new series, Diana's Demo Reel, coming soon!

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